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NMSA Ladies Long Sleeve Cotton Tee

NMSA Ladies Long Sleeve Cotton Tee

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Nothing is funnier than people without kids telling me how tired they are.

If you haven't met Ashlee, it's probably because she is attending some sort of sports, music or school event for one of her 6 kids - Rasmus (2015) Ledger (2012), Ty (2010) Brett (2009) Holly (2007), Majorine (2000) while also running a successful NM based small business with more than 200 employees; You have seen her company logo on the sleeve of the training jerseys.

Ashlee always finds time to smile, offer up some witty banter, and, help NMSA by modeling the classic long sleeve cotton tee from Nike.  For every shirt purchased, Ashlee gets an extra 10 minutes of sleep per night.  Please buy a shirt - Ashlee deserves it.

Classic tee from Nike.

Premium tee with reinforced neckline for added durability.

100% cotton

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